Outdoor Accessories for a Fabulous Yard

Outdoor Accessories for a Fabulous Yard


If you do a lot of entertaining or simply prefer to make your backyard your own private oasis, you can do so by updating your theme an incorporating the following changes.

Outdoor Air Conditioner

You have heard of outdoor heaters, right? Well, there are outdoor air conditioners too, Well, not exactly — they’re more like air coolers, devices that make use of a garden hose, a water reservoir and fans to distribute cool air nearby.

Check out the Port-a-Cool cooling products to find one that is right for your yard. Your guests will never complain about the heat again when they visit your home!

Garden Yard Art

Wouldn’t it be great to reclaim stuff, really good stuff, from junkyards and put these to good use? Well, you can. Indeed, there is a movement afoot to transform disposed of materials into works of art, even reusable items that can be placed in your yard.

Check out the following Pinterest page to give you some ideas on what can be done including stacking leftover bricks to form a new birdbath, decorating a bowling ball and turning it into garden art, or finding ways to make those old shovel heads useful once again.

Backyard Theater

As recently as the late 1950s, there were thousands of drive-in theaters across the United States. The first theater opened in 1933 in Camden, NJ., but from the 1960s on the decline began. Today, there are just 355 drive-ins left in the United States.

What’s better than a drive-in theater? How about a backyard theater? That’s right, you can make your own by projecting the picture on the side of your house or by opting for a nifty inflatable movie screen that can be placed in the middle of your yard. Provide plenty of popcorns and cool, refreshing drinks for your next movie night!

Expandable Fences

Not every outdoor project needs to be complicated. In fact, some of the more practical ideas are those things you both want and need.

Take the example of an expanding fence. Instead of worrying about young children wandering off of a deck and out into the yard — perhaps too close for comfort to your pool — you can use a temporary fence to keep them in their place. Useful indoors or out, you can keep children and pets in their place and then fold the fence up for storage when it is not needed.

Outdoor Fun

You can also extend your outdoor season by adding an awing, investing in an outdoor heater or by putting in an open structure and using it throughout summer’s shoulder seasons. Fall will be here before you know it, so make good use of the longer daylight to enjoy the great outdoors!



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