The Ultimate Tools for a Guy’s Tool Shed

The Ultimate Tools for a Guy’s Tool Shed
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    Guys are born to fix things, but they need the right tools for the job.

    Every man should have certain tools in his toolbox, but some guys need more than just the basics.


Below you will find a short list of some of the necessary tools every guy should own and some of the cool tools you may want to consider.

Tools for Every Guy’s Toolbox

1.  Claw Hammer

The claw hammer comes in handy for many things and is essential for everything from hanging pictures to building a tree house.

2.  Screwdrivers

Every guy needs at least one flathead and one Phillips head screwdriver.

3.  Tape Measure

Have you ever heard the saying, "measure twice, cut once"? How can you do this without a good tape measure in your toolbox?

4.  Crescent Wrench

The crescent wrench is adjustable and will help you with many jobs other tools cannot handle.

5.  Pliers

Preferably, a set with both standard and needle nose, but every guy needs at least one good set of pliers

Other tools, such as a socket and ratchet set, level, utility knife and vice grips should also be in your toolbox. However, if you at least have the five tools above, you can fix minor issues around the house, hang pictures and put together things you buy requiring assembly.

Cool Specialty Tools 

1.  Borescopes

Borescopes are one of the coolest tools a guy can own. They’re used by technicians, building inspectors, sportsmen, manufacturers and many other professionals, but they also fit in your toolbox. A Hawkeye borescope will give you clear, detailed images helping you perform many jobs much easier.

2.  Lazy Lifter

If you find yourself working alone quite often, a lazy lifter is a great way to keep from hurting yourself. This tool allows one person to easily lift and install a 4 x 16 foot drywall panel. You can lift it as high as 15 feet in the air and it even has full tilting action.  

3.  High Quality Flashlight

A high quality flashlight will help you many ways. It can be used for camping, fixing the car or working on the house. Some flashlights are even made with a light capable of starting a small fire, when you’re out camping.

4.  Drill/Saw Combo

Another great tool for the DIY guy is a drill/saw combo. This will allow you to use the tool as both a drill and a saw, which gives you ultimate flexibility. Some of these types of combo tools will go even further and allow you to do even more with just one tool.

If you’re looking to bulk up your tool shed, adding a few of the cool tools for men will help you do so. However, those unsure of the right tools to get your toolbox started, need to start with some of the basics before graduating to the more sophisticated tools.



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