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How to Build a Deck: 10 Steps to DIY Perfection

This article takes a look at how to build a deck. DIY deck plans are the ideal way to maximize home value and creating an outdoor area where you and your family can enjoy the summer to the fullest.

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Sunday Morning Tip for Feb 03: Renovating Your Home? 4 Fun Additions to Complete the Project

If you have recently decided to renovate your home, then you should think about investing in some fun additions.

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Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 27: Too Much Gloom in Your Room? 4 Ways to Bring In More Natural Light

If a room in your house doesn’t have many windows or has an obstruction, such as a building or several trees, it might look somewhat gloomy. Darkness can shape the way that you feel when you’re in a room.

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Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 20: 4 Steps to Help You Build a New Deck onto Your Home

Building a deck doesn’t have to be something that’s out of your reach. Taking certain preparatory steps will make the process easier to manage.