Environmental Emotions – The Physical and Psychological Benefits of Natural Light

Environmental Emotions – The Physical and Psychological Benefits of Natural Light
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    Natural light is something that many people don’t get enough of ...

    ... and despite the many studies and scientific research papers written on the topic, many people still think that there are little to no benefits from spending time in the sunlight.


On the contrary, sunlight is incredibly important to living a healthy life, and helps many of our bodily functions run smoothly.

It is because of this fact that many people install skylights and build sunrooms in their houses. Because direct sunlight can be enjoyed in all seasons when properly sheltered from the elements, and that health-giving glow that natural light affords is never more than a room away. So, while you’re choosing the perfect skylight for your home let us walk you through some of the physical and psychological benefits that natural light has on the human body.

Physical Benefits

The human body is the wonderful and complex result of millions of years of evolution, making us very adaptable and highly able to survive in instances where essential nutrients are lacking. When it comes to sunlight, though, we always need a dosage to stay healthy, and that is because sunlight helps us to process Vitamin D. We are only able to absorb that particular vitamin because sunlight falling directly onto our skin helps us to synthesize a chemical compound that allows us to digest and benefit from this vitamin.

If that wasn’t enough, sunlight also helps with the treatment and prevention of skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne, all from just getting some sunlight on a nice day. As well as this, sunlight has been shown to boost the immune system, increasing your defences against harmful viruses and bacteria that could make you sick under the right circumstances.

Psychological Benefits

The psychological benefits of sunlight are well documented and proven time and again in many scientific papers and studies conducted over decades. Benefits such as prevention and aiding in the treatment of depression and anxiety, treatment and prevention of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and a marked increase in productivity, mood and quality of life when regularly exposed to sunlight.

Natural light has been present in every step of our evolution as a species, and every step of the way it has been a source of heat, light, and vitamin D, meaning we became the creatures we are today by the virtue of our adaptations to the sun, which is why we respond physiologically and psychologically when exposed to sunlight on a warm sunny day.

Overall Lifestyle Benefits

Outside of your own physical body, there are even more benefits to be considered with letting natural light play a part in your life. First and foremost, lighting your house with natural light and skylights can save on energy bills and give your home a more refined, naturalistic look. Secondly, the specific kinds of radiation present in sunlight that benefit us so well happen to reduce mold and mildew throughout your house, making it a healthier place for you to live in.

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Last but not least, natural sunlight can make a room or household more aesthetically pleasing while simultaneously increasing the perceived size of the space as well as illuminating the interior structures, such as pillars and island benches. Sunlight can accentuate all of the positives of your home while simultaneously clearing the air of bacteria and cutting down on your electricity bills, which is astounding.

Sunlight is clearly a force to be reckoned with, and with all of these benefits to your physical and mental health, as well as the financial and environmental boosts, there’s very few reasons not to embrace it and bring it into your home.

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