Boost Your Curb Appeal With Custom Window Boxes in 6 Easy Steps

Boost Your Curb Appeal With Custom Window Boxes in 6 Easy Steps
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    The windows are often overlooked as an area for landscape improvement.

    Whether you have new or old windows, you can enhance their appearance by adding window boxes.


A planter box overflowing with flowers provides a fast and easy way to add beauty and charm to your home’s exterior, and gives your windows a fresh and floral look your family can enjoy all season long.

Here are some simple steps to install custom window boxes:

1. Measure your windows

It is important that you build or buy a window box of the right size to fit your space for maximum effect. For instance, a tiny window box placed in a large window may be barely noticeable, whereas a very large one might appear out of place. So, start by measuring the width of your windows to determine how big the planter box should be.

2. Design the window box

Next, determine the depth and width of the box. Ideally, it should be at least 8-inches deep to allow for sufficient growth of the roots, and a minimum of 8-inches wide to provide enough room for top growth. Make sure to puncture several drainage holes in the bottom to allow for proper drainage in the event of overwatering.

3. Hang your window box

A window box can be quite heavy because of the construction material and potting mix, so you will want to provide sufficient support by attaching it to your wall or railings using long screws.

4. Fill with potting soil

It is recommended that you don’t use soil from your garden that may be filled with fungal diseases, weed seed, and insects. Instead, visit your local garden center to purchase some potting soil.

5. Decorate with seasonal flowers and plants

You should keep in mind that different flowers, herbs, and plants have different sunlight requirements. While some grow best in full sunlight, others prefer partial shade or full shade. Determine how much sunshine your windows get, and then visit your local garden center for ideas on the best flowers or plants for your climate and window orientation.

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6. Don’t forget to water and fertilize regularly

First-time gardeners may have a bit of trouble knowing when to water and fertilize their plants. Water your plants when the soil feels dry two inches down (you will need to stick your finger down the soil). Create a regular feeding and care program so you remember to fertilize and spray the plants every few weeks.

Don’t let your dull windows detract from your home’s magnificent curb appeal. Adding a window box that perfectly matches the house trim is a cost effective way to beautify your exterior with nearly instant results.

Taking care of plants is easy. All they need is light, air, water, nutrition, and protection from insects and harsh weather. If you have been aching to try some gardening, this is a great time to get started. Share this piece with your friends to rally some support for your new exciting project.

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