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End of Season Garden Bargains for New Homeowners

Tweet Save money on yard and garden purchases. If you’ve moved into a new home since Labor Day, you may find yourself with a challenge: how to handle seasonal lawn

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First Time Home Buyer: Not as Easy as HGTV

Tweet My family is a big fan of HGTV, the formally named “home & garden television” network. HGTV hasn’t lost its theme, but its four-letter nomenclature is simply easier to


Moving Companies: Unregulated and Out Of Control

Tweet By Fairfax Transfer and Storage of Springfield, Virginia There is no shortage of scary stories out there about simple moves that went wrong. Unscrupulous movers. Homeowners who never got

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Children and Teens at Risk With This Silent Killer

Tweet By Doug Richards It happens so quickly it’s hard to believe: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Car exhaust Flames in a blocked chimney Water Heaters Space Heaters Gas Dryers Gas Cooking

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Can You Justify the Purchase of a Foreclosure?

Tweet New home shoppers these days are being enticed by homes that are priced much lower than they were two, three and even five years ago or longer. The housing

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The Truth About Your Local Housing Market

Tweet Nationally, the housing market continues to show signs of further retreat as home prices slide and as additional homeowners find themselves owing more on their homes than what they’re

Home Values

How to Challenge Your Property Tax Assessment

Tweet Despite declining home values, many homeowners are not seeing their property taxes decline or at least at a rate they believe should reflect current market conditions. Also, if you’ve

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When Considering a Home Warranty

Tweet Is a home warranty worth it? If you are buying or selling a home, a home warranty may come up in the price negotiation, something the buyer may want

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Steps to Recover From a Disaster

Tweet Wildfires, floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters have been sweeping through the United States this spring, leaving behind widespread destruction and killing hundreds and displacing tens of thousands. Entire

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Autodesk Design Suite Premium

Tweet ————————————————————————————————————- ————————————————————————————————————- home remodeling reference (links to internal page) directory photos forms guide Helpful article? Leave us a quick comment below.And please share this article within your social networks.

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Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

Spring is upon us. Now is the time to get your outside ready for planting and design for a beautiful summer garden. Jump over to our “Garden Design” center for landscaping and gardening ideas and information:

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Find Home Improvement Services

Tweet If you need some contracting work or other home improvement service, look no further. We have assembled a complete directory of home improvement contractor services: Step1: download this “contractor