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There comes a time in the life a child when the dreams of younger years give way to more mature attitudes and outlooks, when a ‘tween becomes a full teenager, eager to express her own personality and style.

It is at this bittersweet moment that it becomes obvious things simply must change (‘obvious' meaning she tells you in no uncertain terms) and a room with rainbows is in some serious need of redecorating. While she is focused on the now, you are looking ahead and thinking about how best to stretch the redecorating dollar. But never fear, as it is easier to decorate progressively than you might think, keeping some money in the billfold and your teenager happy for years to come.

Paint is the Miracle-Maker

The easiest way to make something sparkly new and fresh is to add new paint to it. A coat or two of a different, more contemporary shade instantly revitalizes a room, adds new dimensions and costs about $20 for a gallon, making it the first step in a new look. This is also a fun time to consult with your teen, drawing out actual conversation and ideas as you pour over various colors and possibilities. Paint is being looked at in a whole new light recently, and there are some astounding things that can be done with it. Flip through magazines and discuss ideas or browse some websites for paint creativity. Faux treatments, fun designs and even wall murals can all be employed to spectacular effect. If she hates it a year later or you do, it can always be painted over inexpensively.

Furniture is Fun

Furniture can be functional, fun, or anywhere in between. Inevitably the big change from pre-teen to teen is the homework, and this cannot be overlooked when you do your bedroom redecoration. To get that high school diploma further down the line your teens bedroom needs to be equipped for study now. A proper office desk and chair is the best way of achieving this. Your local furniture store might be a good place to start but if you are looking for office desks for sale the best place to get is the Internet; most reputable sites offer free delivery and hassle free returns. For this process to be a success, ask your child what she feel she wants for her room and beyond; if she's into an industrial Spartan look, then simple metal-based furnishings could do the trick. If she wants a homier warmer look, cloth sectionals and woods will give her that at-home atmosphere. Always remember that even her color scheme changes and some of her furniture can remain by adding new slipcovers and shams to the couches and chairs, while paint keeps the rest up-to-date.

Storage and Space

Unless you are extremely well disciplined, which most of us are not, you will amass possessions over the years, and a teenager is no exception. This is a time in her life where just about everything has meaning and needs to either be kept or displayed, including yearbooks, diaries, movies and even prom dresses. Finding room for all these things can be a chore, so it is important to plan head and not forget storage. Some small space sectionals also boast their own built-in storage compartments, which are beyond perfect for a teenager to take with her into college life and further. For her accomplishments, such as trophies, honor cords, or photos and whatnot, fun wall shelving and colorful corkboards can also be used for added flair and visual interest. You can even build your own if so inclined, for a truly personal touch.

Always Accessorize

It's all about the details, and in this case that means accessories, where a teenager's self-expression can really shine without breaking the bank. This includes funky lamps, throw pillows, rugs, hampers, and colorful (or not) wall hangings. Picture frames are great for this aspect, and alarm clocks or CD holders add a great little touch that is all hers. Accessories are especially good for establishing or tying in a theme whether the room was planned for a traditional look or something completely hip and modern. Window treatments fit in the category and a new bed set might be just what brings it all together. Look to budget stores for these items, such as Wal-Mart, IKEA and even a local dollar store for items like vases and glass pebbles.

Working together, your teen and you can have loads of fun finding a new look for her self-expression. While you, as an adult, should be her guide, allow her some freedom especially in the little things. This helps open communication and makes for great bonding time. Happy redecorating!

Lloyd Burrell is father of two growing children, one nearly teen and the other one totally teen and he has just decorated his daughter's bedroom, this is where he got the idea for this piece. He also writes reviews on office desks; modular desks, ergonomic desks, contemporary desks and traditional desks. His other passions are French culture and cuisine and cycling.

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