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Keeping Organized

When you set out to plan a teenager bedroom, the basic design problem is how to counteract natural teen instincts. We all know that teenagers are organizationally challenged. A teen bedroom should make it as easy as possible for the inhabitant to keep the room tidy. A clean, organized room makes it easier on the parents and promotes positive study habits. With the right combination of effective layout, functional teen furniture, and plenty of storage space, you can create a bedroom that both you and your teen love.

Utilizing Space

Although you might want to ask your teenager for input regarding a theme or wall decoration, be assertive when it comes to furniture and storage. Loft beds or bunk beds free up plenty of extra space. You might be able to fit a desk, such as a computer workspace, under the loft. A computer desk with plenty of drawers and tabletop space will provide a place for comfortable study. This setup will leave room for fun teenage furniture items, such as bean bag chairs or entertainment centers. Bookcases are also essential pieces of teen furniture that store large numbers of objects without being overly intrusive.

For the layout of a teen bedroom, storage and accessibility take precedent. Ample closet space can be very useful, but be careful that closets don't turn into overstuffed dungeons of dirty clothes and long forgotten objects. Shelves or storage boxes can substitute for closets. Try to keep the clutter away from the study area. Remember, a teenager bedroom should reflect the interests and tastes of its inhabitant. You can use more subtle techniques, such as furniture choice and bedroom layout, to affect the qualities of your teenager's bedroom.

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