Looking Towards Spring Cleaning

home remodeling tid-bits

by Ann Martin

It's never too early to start thinking about Spring and how you can get your house ready for the warmer weather! You may be thinking of selling your home when the Spring season arrives, or you simply may be totally over having another snow storm come barreling down on you.

Either way, there are some important things to think about when Old Man Winter decides to exit and we begin to all embrace a new season. So go ahead and grab a pen and paper and get ready to make a list of issues you may need to address with your home.

  • Look At Your Home From the Outside - Go ahead outside and take a look around your home. Check your siding for any damage. Look for places where caulking has pulled away. Make a note of these repairs. How about your shutters and front door? Notice any paint chips? How about your mailbox and house numbers? Are they looking a bit tired?

    Throw a coat of new paint on both or think possibly about replacing them. Jot down what needs to get done, so that you can plan out your projects accordingly when the weather warms up.

    As far as landscaping goes, it may be a bit too early to assess what you may need to do. But come early March, you can begin planting those daffodils and crocuses in your planters or pots, and you'll have a pleasant surprise come April. Other items to address would be powerwashing your siding, sidewalk and driveway areas to get rid of that winter grim and give the surrounding area of your house a fresh and clean start for Spring - this definitely would need to be done when the weather warms up.
  • Now Look At Your Home From the Inside - Maybe even invite a few family members or friends over to really take a look at the inside of your house. It may not be in your budget to complete any major overhauls or remodeling projects, but getting an outsider's view may be beneficial as they may see things that you may not or things that you may not even want to see.

    Getting your house clean may seem easy, but when you look at each room, there is a lot which can be done and cleaned. For instance, take a look at your lighting fixtures, pretty dusty, right? What about your blinds, curtains, and seat cushions on your couch? These aren't the everyday items we clean consistently, but they do need our attention and why not now, before Spring is even sprung?

    Take a look at your baseboards, switch plates for your light switches, the tops of your frames on your walls. You may find some dust, dirt, and grime. Inspect all those nooks and crannies of each room, and I am sure that you'll be occupied with one room way more than you even thought. Have your family members and friends look at you home as if they were going to buy it. Sure, you may not have the budget for major updates, but maybe minor changes. Above all else, after you tackle your home room by room, your house will not only look clean it will feel clean as well! Welcome Spring with a clean home!
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