A Tennis Court can Become
Your Sports Complex

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by Jami J. Rodgers


Tennis Courts: Not Just for Tennis Anymore

A tennis court can bring fun for your entire family. If you install a tennis court, pretty soon you'll see your family playing basketball, dodgeball, four square and even making up their own games--not to mention playing tennis itself! A tennis court can become an entire sports complex for your family.

Plus, having a tennis court is the perfect excuse for many Saturday afternoon gatherings with friends, family and neighborhood families. A little doubles tournament, anyone?  Neighborhood children will enjoy coming over to enjoy your recreation courts: your house will be the place to be.


Building a sports complex means having a fun way to exercise right outside your back door. Plus, since a tennis court can be a place for lots of different forms of recreation, you won't get bored. Most importantly, installing a tennis court is not the huge undertaking you might have thought at first.

You need the space, as well as a margin all the way around the tennis court for fencing. Ideally, this will be flat, since it is easier to install a sports complex on flat land. Next, look into hiring a contractor who can take over most of the work: finding a company to lay the pavement for your recreation courts, and surface it, paint lines, install the net an fencing.

A good contractor will specialize in recreation courts and will be able to help you decide where to spend your money, depending on what surface, size, and quality you want.

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