Snow Day Party

home remodeling tid-bits

by Kathy Hester

There's a big snow storm where I live this weekend. Plus it's the first snow of the year, which makes it even more fun. Hopefully you have a few friends in your neighborhood. If so, it's the perfect time for an impromptu party. I'm not sure why, but snow seems to being everyone out of the house to take a walk or just look around at the quiet beauty. Your friends may wander to your house with out an invite. If not, make a few calls and get ready to have some fun.

If there are kids involved or not, get ready to spend some time out in the snow. Laying in the snow and making snow angels never loses its appeal. Go beyond the typical snowman and build a whole yard covered with mini snow people. Ask everyone for suggestions and make it a group effort.

If there's a big hill in your neighborhood, have everyone bring something to sled on. In a pinch you can get out your pool floats and use them. You can always build forts and have a big snowball war if you have enough people. Just make sure to have a few extra t-shirts and socks for people to change into once they get soaked. A lit fireplace is the perfect place for everyone to warm up.

Now's the time to start handing out some hot drinks in your Noritake Colorwave mugs. Since you want to be outside in the fun too, make your hot drink in a slow cooker or two before your guests get there. Also when someone wants seconds, it won't send you back to the drawing board. Try adding a few special touches to the hot chocolate. Peppermint schnapps is a great adult addition and garnish with leftover candy canes.

A warm apple cobbler or crumble would be a perfect way to warm up too. If you have a few slow cookers fire them all up, you can make dessert in one as well. A pot of curried butternut squash soup or a sweet potato chili is perfect for lunch or dinner. Add some freshly baked cornbread to make it even more filling.

With all your guests toasty warm, now is the time to pop huge bowls of buttery popcorn and settle down for a marathon of your favorite movies. Harry Potter anyone? Or maybe it's time to catch up on the episodes of your favorites.

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