Post Holiday Organization
and Clean Up

home remodeling tid-bits

by Ann Martin

It is the end of another holiday season and you are looking around your house thinking, "Where do I even begin with this clean up?".

Although organizing and cleaning up after the holidays can seem like such a daunting task, it is actually more manageable than you may think. Here are some helpful tips and pieces of advice to kick start your post holiday organization and clean up project.

  • Break Tasks Down - Just like every chore or task, break things down into smaller tasks so it does not feel that the project is so overwhelming.
  • One Room At A Time - As you work your way through the house collecting those decorative accents, start at the upper most level of your house and go room by room. Sometimes, depending how much you decorative your main floor, carry a small box or basket, so you can scoop all the decorations and put them in one place. Do the same for the lower levels of your house as well. Once you have collected the decorations that need to be packed away for the season, make sure they are all in one room in order to see what you have.
  • Unused Decorations - Were there unused decorations that we left in boxes this year? Donate them or give them to someone you know who would enjoy them. If you left them in a box this year, more than likely you will leave them in a box next year. Why take up any additional space.
  • Organizing What You Do Have - Once all your decorations are in one area. Start organizing - a box for lights, a box just for decorations, a box for holiday dinnerware, a box for the wreath, a box for wrapping paper and bows and you could even create a small box for miscellaneous. Try purchases any type of large plastic boxes that have a snap lid to them. Once you have organized what you have and placed them into each individual box, go ahead and label the boxes. This way you know what you have and if something is needed, it will not be a problem to find and take an extremely limit amount of time to find as well.
  • Make A List - Did a string of lights burn out on you towards the end of the season? Did a few bulbs blow out from your window candles? Do you need more tissue and wrapping paper for next year? If you rather stay away from the stores when they do have their post holiday clearance, I would suggest writing a list of what you do need for next year, so that you are not scrambling at the last minute and will already have what you need to decorate for the following year. Store the list with your holiday decorations, so it will not get misplaced.
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