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by Alayna Buckner

Perfect Porches

Are you just dreaming about sitting outside on a slow summer night, swinging in a porch swing?  The enthusiasm people have for porches (both home entry porch or back porches) is not misplaced. A porch can revolutionize your house: it will increase the value, your enjoyment, and the overall aesthetic appeal.

A Personalized Porch

Every porch system will be different--according to your house's current architecture and what you want. If you are just looking for a cozy stoop, or home entry porch, you have a wealth of affordable options. A big, wrap around porch will be a much larger project, and a larger price tag, but so will your home's value. Luckily, there is a porch system for your home, no matter what your budget.

Porch Products

Wood, stone, brick, and concrete are the primary materials used for in modern porch systems, although some pre-manufactured home entry porches are available in plastics or other metals. Some things you should think about before you invest in a new porch include: what materials and porch system will complement your current home; what is your budget; and what design techniques can upgrade an economical porch?

Planning Your Porch System

First, think about what you'd really like to get out of your porch. A home entry porch can be just a place to put your jack-o-lantern during Halloween or it can be the place you sit outside every night. Think about location as well: the weather where you live might dictate whether or not you want a porch with steps. The age of family members in the house might also influence the design of your porch system. No matter what design you pick, however, a new porch will be an excellent addition to your home--enjoy!

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