Show Off Your Latest Renovation
with an Open House

home remodeling tid-bits

by Kathy Hester

Once you've put your heart and soul into renovating a room in your house, the next step is throw an open house party. I'm sure all your friends, neighbors, and co-workers have been hearing about the progress of your project over the recent months. Invite them over to show off your work. You never know - you might give them the next idea for their house.
Most rooms lend themselves well to a party. Obviously if you re-did your bathroom, it won't be the main party space. But be sure to decorate it with fresh flowers that match your new color scheme. You could get a few goldfish and fill up the tub with floating candles too if you want to go over the top. Remember all your guests will end up in here at some point.

If you renovated the kitchen, be prepared to have everyone coming through. It would be to your benefit to get most of the food ready ahead of time. That way you won't be trying to clean up as soon as guests are arriving. Fresh flowers add a special touch here as well. Use a cherished family heirloom pitcher as a vase to add some extra flare.

A new dining room is the perfect place set up a buffet of appetizers. Think of things that can sit out for awhile if your open house will be all afternoon or evening. You can also do dips in a little dipper Crockpot, or put perishables on a bed of ice. You may have to change the ice throughout the day. Make the buffet really special by using your best Noritake china. You can pop them straight into the dishwasher, so it's no harder than taking out the trash.

Since it's winter you could make a big crock-pot of hot buttered rum, bourbon-spiked apple cider, or plain 'ole hot chocolate. You could also set up a coffee bar with vanilla whipped cream, chocolate shavings, sugar cubes, fresh ground nutmeg and cinnamon just to name a few. Don't forget to get out the liquors. Bailey's and Frangelico are my favorites, but never underestimate Godiva liquor either!

It's nice if you have a photo album of the before and after - even the in between steps will be of interest to your guests. It's the perfect time to show off and enjoy the fruits of your labors.


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