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by Cedric C.


Getting the Most Value From Your Home

When selling your home, you are sure to want to get the most money possible from it.  By doing everything possible to increase the value of your home, you can know that you are getting the highest price possible for your major investment.  There are some simple and easy things you can do that will increase the value and increase the interest in your home

No matter what your budget looks like, you can find ways to make your home's value increase.  Here are a few things that you will want to consider when reselling your home.

From the outside in. 

If the outside of the house is not appealing, many buyers will not even walk into the home.  By making sure that your grass is neat and trim and there is no trash or eyesores in the yard, you can make your yard more inviting and increase the value of your home.

Clean and tidy makes the home. 

Nothing is worse than a buyer walking into a home that is full of clutter.  Even if the home is clean, clutter can make it look dirty and unappealing.  For this reason, you want to remove as much clutter as possible.

Don't forget walls and windows. 

From pressure washing the outside walls to wiping down the inside walls and windows, each of these chores can help to make your home look cleaner and more appealing to a buyer.  If you clean a wall and it still looks dirty and old, you will want to repaint to help make your home as new and updated as possible.  For cleaning windows, use newspaper to help keep the streaks down and your windows clean and shiny.

Paint it up. 

Painting the walls inside of your home can make the entire home look more updated.  Be sure that you do the proper prep work to your walls before you begin painting to make the most of the time and effort put in.  This includes caulking cracks, patching holes, and sanding as needed to make the walls look as even and smooth as possible.

Carpets need to be clean, too. 

If your home is carpeted and they are tired and worn, you have three options.  The first one is to have the carpets professionally cleaned or clean them yourselves.  The second option is to pull up the carpeting and install new carpeting or if there are hardwoods underneath the carpet that are in good condition, refinish them or clean them well. 

Don't forget window coverings. 

The windows may be clean, but window coverings that are dirty or worn will make the entire room look out of date.  By updating your curtains or blinds, you can make the most of the windows and make your room look as nice as possible.

Trim it out. 

Don't forget the trim and molding in your room.  By adding crown molding to the ceiling or chair railings around the room, you can update the room and give it a more “modern” and updated look.  This is a very inexpensive way to make a room look more beautiful and appealing. 

Refinish and reuse. 

Kitchen cabinets make a huge impact upon the look and feel of your kitchen.  By refinishing the cabinets, you can give them an entirely new look on a shoestring budget.  If you have a small or dark kitchen, lighter colored cabinets can make the room look brighter and larger.

Replace fixtures. 

Replacing the old, outdated kitchen sink with a new, stainless steel kitchen sink can instantly make the kitchen look more updated.  By replacing the faucets, along with a stainless steel undermount sink, you can make even more of an impact.  If your kitchen counters look worn, consider replacing them or refinishing them by applying at least two coats of catalyzed epoxy.  By following the directions carefully, you can give them new life at a very budget friendly price.  Kitchens sell homes, so you want to be sure that you carefully consider your kitchen to see how it can be updated and made like new. 

Create some airflow. 

If you live in a warm, humid climate, you may want to consider installing ceiling fans.  For as little as $25 for each fan, you can add airflow and add perceived value to your home.

Increase the wattage. 

By replacing your lower wattage bulbs with high wattage bulbs, you can make the room look brighter and larger.  This can go a long way to making your rooms look more open and inviting.

Check your square footage. 

By having a professional floor plan company to come and reassess your square footage, you may find that you have more square footage than you thought.  An increase in square footage can mean an increase in value and in the price that you can ask for your home.

By increasing the value of your home, you can make more from the sale to use for your future home or other expenses.  By doing some budget friendly projects, you can make the most of your home and its value.


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