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by Mary B

By the Books: The Best in Den Shelving

Throughout history, dens and home libraries have been sanctuaries in which to display and enjoy favorite books and collections. There are many famous libraries and architectural styles you can use as inspiration when designing yours; but your first step ought to be assessing your needs.
Consider the amount of books and other items you wish to store and pick a space where the room's floor will be strong enough to accommodate the books' weight. If your collection is still growing, plan for tall shelving that maximizes den wall space.


Den Shelving Styles    

Built-in shelves, also called recessed shelving, are a popular choice because they are streamlined and elegant in appearance. Recessed den shelving can be built to your specifications, and if constructed floor-to-ceiling -- flush against den walls -- could include a library ladder system for easy access to high-up books.

If your lifestyle is more mobile, buying den shelving you can take with you to the next house or apartment might be a better choice. Book shelves, which come wall hung, as wall systems, or as simple bookcases, can also be easily rearranged to accommodate changing needs. Den shelving comes in every color, material, and style imaginable, with adjustable heights and shelf depths. 


Den Shelving Sense

Books are often the central feature of den shelving. But today's dens might also be home to a television, stereo system, and other media that you might want to accommodate within your new shelving. Play with shelf heights, lengths, and other variables to fit books of all sizes, as well as everything else you hope to display, which might include compact discs, DVDs, or even a precious cache of vinyl albums. 

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