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Designing Your Kitchen Ware Look

Earth tones and natural materials continue to drive today's kitchen design. This has created a whole market for kitchen wares that follow a soothing, environmental theme.

If you are remodeling or redecorating, look for products that bring in warm sage, tan, off-white and rust tones. There are many stone, wood and metal kitchen wares that coordinate well with the environmental theme. The main areas to focus on are the countertop, wall tile and accent decorations.

Granite countertops have become a mainstay in kitchen design, as they add a rich, natural look to a room. A new countertop can be accented with kitchen cabinetry hardware in a warm metal finish. That same finish can be used for decorative baker's racks or planters.

Coordinating the Kitchen Look

When selecting tile for the backsplash, consider colors that will coordinate with the kitchen cabinetry and countertop while still making a bold statement. There are many rustic stone tiles that are 12-inch squares and create a dramatic focal point. If you have maple kitchen cabinetry, create a contrast with rust or blue tiles.

Window treatments also provide a big boost for a kitchen design. There are many wooden blinds that coordinate well with earth tones. This style provides privacy when needed, but allows for natural light.

The last category includes all the decorative accents that can pull a kitchen design together. Among the popular items are canisters, cookbook holders, wine racks and planters. Depending on the kitchen design, consider styles with leaf and vine motifs or those with a bold yellow and blue design.

There are many ways to use kitchen wares to give new life to your kitchen. As you remodel or redecorate, think about the colors, tones and finishes that will turn your kitchen around.

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