Small Kitchen Renovations
That Have An Impact

home remodeling tid-bits

by Ann Martin

After living in a home for a while, it is hard to take notice of the minor updates that are needed in and around the house. We just get so comfortable living in the space we are in, that we don't usually notice that it is time to make some updates.

The one room, which everyone gathers in, is definitely the kitchen. There are some small kitchen renovations that really have an impact. Start with some simple renovations to really liven up and modernize your kitchen without using a lot of time or spending a lot of money.

Installing new cabinets can be quite an expensive renovation, but why not hold off on such a costly update and simply replace the hardware on your cabinets. With new designs, various patterns and style that come in many shades, simply by selecting and installing new hardware would add that new touch to the cabinets you already have.

Remember to choose hardware styles that compliment the d?cor and style of your kitchen before selecting your new hardware. This is also a project that you could complete on your own without hiring a professional, further reducing the cost of the project. Having your cabinets updated would make a perfect home for your Noritake colorware platters and bowls. Go ahead and even purchase some new dinnerware to store in those newly updated cabinets.

Do you still have the original lighting fixtures hanging from your kitchen ceiling? If so, then it is time for a change. Just like the rest of the rooms in your house, lighting can make a dramatic impact on how the room looks and feels. If you have out-dated brass fixtures, try swapping them out with a new style and see how much your kitchen changes!

Again, try and accommodate the style (modern versus traditional, etc.) that your kitchen already has when selecting a new light fixture. You can even replace that old fluorescent box lighting fixture, which really doesn't provide quality lighting anyway.

If you have a little more time on your hands, installing a beautiful backsplash can truly transform your entire kitchen. Try placing the back splash above your countertop, or behind your sink or stove. First of all, backsplashes are ideal for those that cook often in their kitchens. The grease and other messes from cooking can easily be washed and wiped away when you have a backsplash in place. Backsplashes add color and update the look of your kitchen instantly!

Many people are intimidated by the idea of installing a backsplash for various reasons. However, especially today it could not get any easier. At local home supply stores, there are backsplashes which can be purchased in small square footage sizes that have a special backing so that the backsplash piece can be easily placed on the walls. You can then piece together the rest of your backsplash by simply cutting this special type of backsplash with scissors, instead of using a tile cutter. This project can easily be completed by anyone who wishes to add a new look to their kitchen.

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