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by Allison B


Time to Open Up

If you're tired of living with small, cramped spaces, you're not alone. More and more home owners are turning to home remodeling to create light, bright and open spaces.

This trend toward open floor plans has caused many home owners to knock down walls, add windows, and build additions to achieve their home improvement dreams. This is particularly true in the kitchen and family room areas. As more and more people turn to congregating in those spaces, many are using home improvement projects to improve the flow between the rooms.


Bringing in More Light and Space

There are many home remodeling ideas that can turn a dark space into a light and bright one. Start by considering your floor plan and home remodeling goals. Do the rooms flow together? Is there an interior wall–that is not load-bearing–that is unnecessary? Perhaps removing a wall between a den and family room would create a more open space.

Bathrooms and bedrooms also can benefit from more light and openness. A skylight in the bathroom can bring in plenty of natural light without sacrificing privacy. Adding a window in the bathroom or in a bedroom can enhance your view of the outdoors.

If your home remodeling budget is small, turn to decorating first. Light paint colors can turn a dark room into a more inviting space. Window blinds instead of heavy drapes can create a similar effect. Wall shelving can help reduce clutter and make a room appear larger.

There are many home remodeling ideas that allow you to open up your floor plan. With a little creativity and planning, you can transform several areas of the house.


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