Get Your Home Ready for the Fall

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Fall Into Action and Get Your Home Ready for the Fall

The last of the labor day picnics have come and gone, the local pool is closed, and its finally starting to get cool enough to leave the windows open at dusk. Don't think your work around the house is slowing down. Fall is the perfect time to take care of some much-needed maintenance on your home and to catch up on do it yourself repairs before cold winter weather sets in.

General Home Maintenance Can Save You a Bundle in the Long Run

To maintain your house, you should clean your gutters and downspouts frequently to keep them free of leaves and debris. Gutters that are not maintained properly can lead to wood rot and pest problems. Another important step you can take is to replace any window screens with storm windows and repairing loose window and door frames. Installing caulking or weather stripping around drafty windows will help lower your utility bills in the colder months as well as make you and your family feel more comfortable.

Brush Up on Landscaping and Yard Work to Make Your Home Shine

Fall is also the ideal time to brush up on long overdue yard work since the weather is cooler. During the fall months, your grass may appear to be dormant, but the roots are actually growing deeper to prepare for the winter months. The fall is the perfect time to fertilize and reseed any bare patches in your lawn. The fall is also perfect for pruning trees and shrubs to encourage healthy growth. Be on the lookout for any limbs that are close to power lines or other overhead obstructions. Heavy accumulations of snow or ice in the winter months can cause them to sag and cause damage to your property.

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