Home Office Setup


Many home offices have become the personal working space
for traveling and online executives. You can setup a virtual office
to support a management operation anywhere in the world.

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Home Office 101

If you freelance, telecommute -- or even if you spend the bulk of your work life toiling in a cubicle -- having a home office has become a necessity for many professionals. Busy lives demand flexible schedules, and thanks to dropping prices of home technology, you can easily acquire all the same tools you have at the office for home use.

All these conveniences, however, mean that setting up a home office can a bit more involved than working from your kitchen table. You'll need a dedicated space, complete with all the right equipment and furnishings.

Layout a Home Office Space

A home office can be set up just about anywhere you have space for a desk. But working near a window and in a room that has a door you can shut are two big home office pluses.  Buy a desk that fits your frame and a chair that supports your lower back. Don't skimp on comfort or quality; you don't want your home work experience to be so miserable you'd rather be at the office.  

Assess Your Home Technology Needs  

A computer, printer, and Internet connection are home technology musts. A fax machine, copier, and scanner are other equipment to consider. Given the demand for home office equipment, these functions are offered in inexpensive, space-saving 3-in-1 machines. If you work with clients over the phone, a dedicated phone line with voice mail service is crucial, as not to compete with your family's phone use.

Invest in surge protectors to plug in your equipment and be sure to back up your work. At home you might be the boss… but you're also the information technology support staff.

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