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Home Security

Is Your Home Safe? 5 Simple Ways To Make Your House More Secure

Like most homeowners, the most important things in your household probably aren’t things: they’re family, friends and pets. However, keeping precious possessions safe is also important.

Home Lighting

Decoration: How Outdoor Lighting Is Important

Tweet Outdoor flush mount lights augment the beauty of your land in many enhancing finishes and size, a tremendous value addition to your home also increasing your pleasurable hours to

Home Interior

Staying Put: Your Small Fortune and Home Improvement

Tweet No matter the reason, now is a good time to look at your current home with fresh eyes and decide which updates would benefit it the most. And that

Home Safety

Protect Your Investment with Flooding and Temperature Protection

A total and comprehensive household security system does not stop at just making sure that you are secure from intruders and burglars … it can also help to notify you of potential threats via environmental means too.

Home Inspections

Say Yes to a Commercial Property Inspection

Your purchase of commercial property should hinge upon the property’s condition, giving it the same level of consideration you would to residential property — perhaps more so.

Home Safety

Alarm Systems in the Digital Age

Recent technological advances have radically changed alarm systems. Previous analog systems were expensive, clunky, visually limited and difficult to install. A host of technological developments, however, have made these systems smaller, easier to install and much more capable.

Home Safety

Home Safety Tips for Accident Prevention

Our homes are our refuge from the world, familiar places that offer comfort, solitude and respite. But, there are dangers lurking where we spend our most time, with household chemicals, fire and even our beloved pets presenting possible hazards if we’re not careful.

Home Safety

Should You Invest in a Storm Shelter?

Tweet Winds topped out at 210 mph, strong enough to sweep brick homes off of foundations.1 Hackelburg Tornado Rated an EF-5, the Hackleburg Tornado was one of the most destructive


7 Insurance Tips for Homeowners

Tweet If you’re planning a home renovation or have recently completed an update or addition to your home, your homeowners insurance should be reviewed to make sure that it covers

General News

Steps to Recover From a Disaster

Tweet Wildfires, floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters have been sweeping through the United States this spring, leaving behind widespread destruction and killing hundreds and displacing tens of thousands. Entire