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If you are musically inclined, you may want to set aside a room as your music area. This would become your place to practice music or to shut out your children's tunes.

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Keeping the Sound Out

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If you or your children are musically inclined, you may have wondered about a dedicated room for those pursuits. What's involved in creating a music room? How easy is it to soundproof a room?

As home theaters have grown popular, some people are realizing that it is easy to build a room around a particular interest. When it comes to musical rooms, the key is to understand how the environment should be crafted to accommodate creativity, acoustics – and those who prefer a little quiet!

Adding a Music Room

The answer is in the music room design and the types of materials. The room could be added in a basement, for example, where the concrete foundation walls can help reduce sound transmission. The music room also can be created in the center of the space so that surrounding walls add another layer of protection.

If the room has interior walls, they should be insulated. This is not common practice for a typical room, but can be a necessity for a musical room.

Music Room Design

The type of building materials also can impact noise transmission. Carpeting tends to capture noise and muffle it, while wood or tile floors can cause the noise to bounce around.

Decorative accents, such as drapes and furniture also can have an impact on sound transmission. Heavy fabrics, whether they are used for drapes or chairs, can help sound proof a room. Metal tiles and heating ducts can make noise travel faster. One solution for the duct work is to have custom sized covers made to prevent noise from traveling through the system.

A musical room can be a wonderful addition to a home. As you soundproof a room, plan the space carefully to ensure that everyone enjoys the noise – or lack of noise

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