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Sunday Morning Tip for Sept 15: How to Get Started on Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

There are great reasons to add a sunroom to your home, including having more exposure to sunlight to regulate your body’s natural body clock.

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Sunday Morning Tip for Sept 08: How to Build Your Own Backyard Patio Oasis

When you go on a tropical vacation or to a luxury resort in the country, you likely wish that you could bring elements of that experience home with you.

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Sunday Morning Tip for Aug 04: 4 Home Upgrades to Enjoy Before Summer Ends

Summer is finally in full swing, and now is the opportune time for making upgrades.

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Sunday Morning Tip for July 28: 3 Gardening Tips for Recovering from a Severe Storm

Cleaning up the aftermath of a severe storm is a great time to consider making incremental changes to your property to not only preserve curb appeal but also prevent damage in the future.

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Sunday Morning Tip for July 21: Upgrading Your Home Amenities for Maximum Comfort

Your home should be an oasis for relaxation, comfort, and style. There are several amenities that you can upgrade to take your home to the next level.

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Sunday Morning Tip for July 07: How to Improve Your Home with a DIY Metal Roof

Building your own home or renovating the roof of your existing home comes with plenty of questions.

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Sunday Morning Tip for Jun 30: Expect the Unexpected: 3 Things That Can Go Wrong During a Renovation

Taking on a home renovation project of any kind is always a huge and exciting step to take. Regardless of whether you’re new to the task or you’re experienced at it, thinking of new ways to renovate an area of your home can create all sorts of amazing feelings.

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Sunday Morning Tip for Jun 23: That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen: 4 Places in Your Home You Don’t Want to DIY Remodel

Very few things are as satisfying as completing a renovation or remodeling project, but you need to be careful whenever you work on your home. A single mistake can quickly escalate into an expensive catastrophe, and that is why some projects should always be left to the professionals.

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Sunday Morning Tip for Jun 16: 4 Tips for Making Home Updates to Match Your Climate

For a home to look great, it needs to match its surroundings. That is true for the design and style but also for the climate.

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Sunday Morning Tip for Jun 09: Is it Time for a Home Improvement Project?

Part of owning a house means having to maintain it to ensure it is functional and remains contemporary. New materials and features only last for so long.

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Some Classics

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Featured Home Values

How Mineral Deposits Affect Your Land Value

Mineral resources are defined by geologist as those rocks, minerals, and oil and gas deposits found on or beneath the surface of the Earth. The claim of ownership of such resources depends upon where they are.

Featured Rec Room

Game Console Room – How to add Comfort and Style to it

An ideal gaming room needs high quality devices, comfortable central furniture, proper lighting, and a surge protector. A game console room cannot be called one without a good TV and a console box.

Featured Lighting and Decor

4 Ways to Change the Look of Your House With Outside Lighting

Outside lighting can be used primarily for two different purposes: decorative lighting and security lighting. No matter what your purpose is, you must always choose your outside lighting with care as it can make a major difference to the look of your house.

Featured Lawn Care

How to Bring Your Lawn Back to Life

The grass doesn’t always have to be greener on other people’s lawns.

Being that the appearance of the lawn is usually the first thing someone notices when entering your yard, if the situation doesn’t seem too bright in your yard, you must spruce it up a bit. You don’t want people to think your home’s exterior is disappointing and lifeless.

Featured Just Bath

Decorating Debates: How to Add Vintage Furniture to the Bathroom

Today, sleek modern designs seem to be the style of choice in bathrooms. Keeping with a more vintage theme can be difficult when all you can find are straight lined cabinets and hard blocked furniture.

Featured Just Bath

Bathroom Refresh: Thrifty Ways to Renovate Your Throne Room

A new shower head can make a boring and lame shower interesting again. Low-flow options help you save money.

Featured Rec Room

Helpful Advice on How to Choose the Perfect Billiard Table

A billiard table is a large investment, so it is important that you choose one that is the right size and has solid wooden legs, a sturdy frame, wooden rails, and does not have plastic pockets.

Featured Kitchen and Dining

How To Create A Family Friendly Kitchen

You may not have realized this, but your kitchen is basically the heart of your home. Stop and think for a moment about what goes on in the kitchen. Every single family member interacts inside the kitchen, making it far more than just a place to cook a meal.

Featured Walls and Painting

Room Painting Steps and Tips

Painting the walls and the ceiling of your rooms is a time-tested approach that improves its looks, freshening up what you already have and turning it up to eleven.

Decks-Patios-Porches Featured

Decking or Conservatory – Which Would Be The Best Option?

You are probably deciding about the best options to utilize the outside space of your home, however you may not be able to decide between having a decking or building a conservatory.