How-to Evaluate Contractors

There are some basic rules that you should follow when hiring a contractor to ensure that you protect your investment and receive the best service:

  1. start with a pre-screened, member-preferred contractor search. These contractors have been reviewed and rated by other customers.
  2. review customer ratings and testimonials.
  3. check for business references and membership associations to ensure the contractor's quality of service.
  4. specify on paper exactly what is expected to be done. You want to avoid any surprises or disagreements.
  5. use our contractor evaluation sheet to evaluate each contractor for price, references, and quality of service.
  6. don't release funds until after the project has been inspected for quality and performance of service. Once you release the funds, you lose all negotiating power in the event of a problem.

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Topics Include:
contractor selection ... contractor negotiations

how to select your contractor
how best to negotiate the contract
working with the contractor
managing the project
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