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Fire Door Security Tips

Tweet If you’re looking at trading out doors for new fire doors doing it at the time of a remodel or renovation can save both time and money because several

Home Safety

An Overview of Fire Exit Terminology and Technology

What Is a Fire Exit?The simplest definition of a fire exit is a way out of the building you only use if there is a serious threat like a fire. In comparison, an egress is any way out.

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How to Plan Renovations Around a Security System

Renovating your home is an exciting time. You can finally bring your dream home into a reality. This is also the time to think about security as well.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Oct 21: Fire Damage? How to Restore Your Home Effectively

Fire damage can be a horrible thing in homes. It’s not exactly something you can take care of on your own.

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Key DIY Security Inspection Hacks To Help Keep Your Home Safe From Break Ins

Tweet Even with all of the technological and security advances that have been made over the past several years, some estimate that around 5% of households experience break-ins every year.

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Can’t Afford a Complete Home Security System? Here Are 5 Good Alternatives to Protect Your Home

Tweet Unfortunately, such systems can get fairly expensive. And the more devices and features you include, the higher the price will be. If you are on a budget but don’t

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4 Reasons Your Business (and Home) Should Have a Fire Sprinkler System Installed

Tweet However, sprinkler systems are invaluable and have many advantages that should not be overlooked. Here are four reasons why your business should have a proper fire sprinkler system installed

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Ensure Your Home Security with Complete Locking System From a Locksmith

Tweet These are just some of the seemingly harmless mistakes we tend to do and compromise the security of our own home. Using the same key and locks that the

Home Security

How to Build a DIY Home Security System

Tweet A DIY security system for your home does not have to be complicated nor does it require you to have extensive technical knowledge, but there are some important considerations

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Sept 25: Beat The Heat: Fireproof Your Home With These 4 Tips

Tweet Here are four tips you can use to fireproof your home. 1. Install Smoke Alarms One of the key fire safety components is the smoke alarm. You need to

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Boost Fire Safety at Your Home

Tweet These are all the results of a research conducted from 2004 to 2014. and published in World Fire Statistics Bulletin in October 2015. These numbers are worrying and if

Home Safety

Protecting Your Home From A Fire

Tweet Not only that, firefighters who quickly respond to fire alarm systems pay a high price in their attempt to save lives, with about 100 of them who die on

Home Security

Safeguard Your House With Security Doors

Tweet With the steel, wooden and aluminum security doors, you can prevent the unwanted guests from entering your house and at the same time, these doors can also act as

Home Security

Why We Should Care for Our Home Security

Tweet But the good thing about it is it can be controlled and kept at a minimum. The best form of security is that which the one being protected has

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for May 15: Summertime Home Security

Tweet The bureau gave no explanation as to why this number has gone down, but this is a trend we like to see. This decreasing number may have been because

Home Security

Remodel Your Security When You Renovate Your Home

Tweet Why not remodel your security when you renovate your home. I’s a great opportunity to update the essential security aspects of your home whilst you already have contractors working

Home Safety Quick Checklist

Quick Checklist:     Where There is Smoke: Top 4 Risks for Home Fires

Tweet When it comes to protecting your family from harm, it’s important to remember that the biggest dangers come from hidden problems. Most people know to keep an eye on

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Checklist for Home Security You Need to Consider While Renovating

Tweet There are many ways for you to update your home security system and make your household a much safer place to live. However, the purpose of this article is

Home Security

5 Reasons You May Want to Rethink DIY Home Security

Installing your own home security system may save you some money right now, but when you add up the long-term costs, you may want to rethink the DIY home security system altogether.

Home Security

How to Save Money on a Home Security System

Tweet And that safety feature is a home security system, what can protect your home from break ins and alert you to a fire or other problem. Home security systems