3 Easy Home Renovations You Can Do Yourself

3 Easy Home Renovations You Can Do Yourself


While they still may require some expense it will always be more economical than paying someone else to do the work.

Adding a Runner To a Staircase

You can improve the look and safety of your house by adding a runner to a staircase. Because a runner is basically a carpet for your staircase you can use a pattern that improves the look of the staircase.

A runner also improves safety by reducing the possibility of slipping. This makes adding a runner a double improvement.

It adds both to the beauty of your home and makes your staircase safer for everyone.

One way it improves safety is that the carpeting will absorb any liquid spilled on the stairs nearby preventing them from becoming slippery.

Runners are easy to install because they can be easily tacked to the staircase. It is a simple matter of stretching the runner over the stairs then starting at the top and working to the bottom to secure it to the steps.

This is a very simple procedure that almost anybody should be able to do. Now you may need a hammer to secure it properly, but the process of securing a runner is very simple particularly when you have more than one person doing the work.

This is where drafting other family members comes in handy to get the work done.

Repaint a Room

Repainting a room in the house is tedious rather than difficult. While this works best for a tall person, well-supported scaffold planks and other tools can easily help someone who is shorter.

In any case, painting rooms can liven it up by giving it a fresh look. This is one of the easiest forms of home renovation that you can do and it can bring a fresh new look to your house. Just about anyone can apply a coat of paint to a wall and done right it is an easy way to give your home a new look.

wall paint kitdrop cloth

      some painting stuff to consider      

Repainting a room can be more than just a form of maintenance but it can be a means of customization as well. After all, you are free to select the colors.

You can even become somewhat artistic in the process. When you repaint a room in your own home the only ones that need to be satisfied with the results are you and your family.

However, when painting a room it does not take a lot of effort to do a good quality job. All it takes is the desire and effort to get the job done right.

Install a New Thermostat

Replacing a thermostat is a fairly simple form of home renovation. In this case, it does help to have some electrical skills, but it is still an easy job. If you can follow written instructions you can install a new thermostat.

Upgrading to a digital thermostat from an old mercury switch device is an improvement by itself. Going to a programmable thermostat makes for an even bigger improvement.

In either case, installing a new thermostat is a form of renovation it does not require expensive help to get it done because most people can do it themselves.


While you are most likely to do this type of renovation if your old thermostat quits on you, it is still an opportunity to get a little improvement over the old one. The most important thing to remember when installing a new thermostat is to make sure you do not lose the wires coming out of the wall.

As long as you take this precaution and make sure you have the proper tools on hand before you start installing a new thermostat can be done in a few minutes. It seems intimidating at first, but it is surprisingly easy to accomplish.

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There are a considerable variety of do-it-yourself home renovations that can improve the beauty, safety, and functionality of your home. If you have a tendency to do routine maintenance on your house yourself, then these can be some handy projects that can improve your home.

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