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Sunday Tips Yard and Garden

Weekly Tip for Oct 16: Fall Time is Backyard Bird Time

Tweet caged • dorm • platform • squirrel proof • suet • tube • window mount Let’s View Find Bird Feeders butterfly houses • butterfly feeders • bird houses •

Pest Control

Mouse Hunt: How to Eliminate Rodents From Your Home

Tweet Eliminating rodents from your home is best tackled by a professional, but there are some remedies that you can try first if you’re brave. bird control • deer &

Home Renovation

Four Tell-Tale Signs That It’s Time to Remodel and Renovate Your Home

Tweet The fact remains: sometimes you can’t help but want to remodel, whether you’re preparing for a move or simply get a feeling that it’s time for your house to

Driveways / Walkways

Repair Your Driveway in 3 Simple Steps

Tweet Plus, if you start making repairs sooner rather than later, you will be able to prevent any more damage from developing. You can easily have your driveway fixed by

Closet Systems

5 Ultimate Tips for Designing Your Dressing Room

Tweet First of all, fiber is known to attract dust, so storing your clothes in your new dressing room means you’ll get to sleep in a much healthier environment. Also,

Home Interior

Improve Your Home – Tips For Preparing a Home Improvement Project

Tweet Many of us want to improve our homes, but simply don’t know how. Some know that there’s not enough room for all the kids, yet haven’t figured out how

Window Treatments

How to Select the Perfect Blinds Materials for Home or Office

Tweet For instance, an office blind would have to be simpler, easier to operate and maintain and also budget-friendly. On the other hand, what you choose for your home could

Roofing and Gutters Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Oct 9: Rainy Climate? 4 Reasons Your Home Needs Ship-Shape Storm Drains

Tweet To understand the benefits of ship-shape storm drains, there are a few reasons to have them installed by a professional. gutter systems • gutter guards • down spouts •

Home Renovation

Is Your House Older Than 20 Years? You May Need These 4 Renovations

Tweet Fortunately, renovations can brings a home up to modern standards. Here are four renovations your home might need. Better Insulation Insulation has improved tremendously over the years, and modern

Renovation Designs

Why Do You Need the Concrete Solution for Your Home?

Tweet There are various types of concreter available in the market such as road concreter, building concreter and commercial concreter. Their work mainly deals with the raw materials of the


Why Air Purifiers are a Must Have Device in Homes

Tweet If someone in your house is suffering from Asthma or allergies, then you probably know the negative impact of breathing polluted air. Air purifiers for homes help purify the

Roofing and Gutters

Copper Roofing: Is It Really Worth It?

Tweet Those are just a few of the perks that come with copper roofing. Here are a few more reasons why copper roofing is definitely worth it. roof shingles •

General News

4 Tips for Surviving the Sandwich Generation Years

Tweet While a number of financial advisors warn about the struggle to save during this time period, even those with plenty of financial means find themselves constantly strapped for time.

Home Furniture

How to Create Furniture for Your Home on a Low Budget

Tweet And now you realize that after buying the house and that house warming party, there is no money left to buy any furniture or furnishings. And you do not


Office Restoration: 7 Jobs to Leave to the Professionals

Tweet It’s always best to leave certain jobs to the professionals, and here are some things that you definitely should not try and do yourself. 1. Construction Quality construction is

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Oct 2: House Flipping Mistakes – How to Avoid

Tweet If a house flip is done correctly, the flipper can reap a huge reward. If someone does the flip without industry knowledge or experience, the flipper can lose out


Commercial Painter Hiring Benefits Business Owners Should Know

Tweet We will highlight the key benefits of a commercial painter that you want to be aware of. Review them below to make the best possible choice. contractor evaluation sheet