The Chef’s Galley: 7 Signs It Is Time To Upgrade Your Kitchen

The Chef’s Galley: 7 Signs It Is Time To Upgrade Your Kitchen
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    One contributor to the success of home improvement stores and kitchen remodeling centers is the phenomenon known as kitchen remodeling.

    Especially during the last 15 to 20 years, kitchen makeover jobs have taken off as being the norm to a more pleasurable lifestyle.


That being said, let’s examine seven sure signs that you may need a kitchen makeover to fit with your present and future plans.

1- Thinking of a House Sale

With average kitchen remodeling jobs costing anywhere from $38,485 to $56,768 depending on your geographical region, it’s wise to think of such a project in terms of your return on investment (ROI). Simply put, prospective buyers always look towards the kitchen area first on entering a home.

2- You’ve Seen Your Kitchen in Classic TV Re-runs

Re-runs of "Father Knows Best" are entertaining and nostalgic certainly, but they’re also painfully mindful that it’s time for your kitchen’s makeover. They always seem to have a great way of making you feel like your style is way outdated and they always manage to get you thinking that it is time for an update.

Kitchen remodeling mistakes | Consumer Reports:

3- When it Gets Uncomfortable

Small galley kitchens are great for one person to cook in; however, when you get several people at once wanting into the refrigerator, then it’s time for renovating or getting a larger house with a more comfortable kitchen. In one recent survey, nearly 85 percent of the respondents polled agreed that feeling cramped was the major consideration for remodeling their kitchen.

4- When it No Longer Fits your Needs

If you’re no longer into roasting that big Thanksgiving turkey, preferring instead to eat out, you’ll be thinking about using less space in the kitchen for large meals. Fifty-five percent of recently surveyed homeowners said that lifestyle changes no longer were the same as before for their kitchen needs.

5- When you Notice Damaged Cabinetry or Floors

If your kitchen is over 20 years or more, then faded kitchen cabinets lacking shine, luster and color, and many times door knobs and hinges, then you know it’s time for a makeover.

When the tiles, or whatever floor covering goes out in a kitchen area, then calling a specialist in kitchen floor remodeling will help you determine the feel and look that you want in your kitchen. Everything from hardwood to bamboo flooring, tiles, hardware and major kitchen appliances are available at superior one-stop kitchen design centers such as Callier and Thompson Kitchen & Bath.

6- Family Downsizing or Growing

Whether it’s because you’re selling the house, or the kids have either moved away, or moved in with more kids of their own, you’ll need a kitchen to reflect that change or transition.

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7- Your Major Appliances Quit on You

Usually the last thing to tackle in a remodeling job, major appliances also need factoring into a kitchen renovation job–especially if you’re going to spend more on energy-efficient appliances.

While all the above are sure indicators of a need for a kitchen makeover, there’s one final tip-off. If you’re embarrassed to have house guests see your kitchen, then a remodel is next in order for sure.



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